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In this part of my website, i show some of my favourite videos. Things which are of interest to me and , hopefully, to you too.

naturally, i see myself in the position of the submissive in them

Video 01

This submissive responded to a Master who said that he wanted a "sub for a few hours of bondage fun".

The sub reported and followed instructions to actually bind, chain and lock himself.

He did not foresee that this was his last day of freedom. The Master NEVER released him. He kept him as a permanent slave and his training and servitude had only just begun. 

 by EasyHtml5Video.com v3.9.1

Video 02

i like the simplicity of this video. The slave is stored and chained ,he cannot escape, he can only wait until his owner returns to use him again. 


Video 03

Another slave , kept chained , unable to escape/leave, only loosened to do some work.


y EasyHtml5Video.com v3.9.1

Video 04

This Master needs to go out to work for the day , so , he keeps his slave caged all day long. He can still use him though , before he leaves the house.


by EasyHtml5Video.com v3.9.1

Video 05

This slave has been transformed to exist as a human blowjob machine. This is a good idea as a Master could construct this for maybe 2000, he can then sell the slave to strangers , to provide them blowjobs, and recoup his money after a while and then go in to major profit. Slaves are not only there to serve , but , thay can be made money out of.


by EasyHtml5Video.com v3.9.1

Video 06

This slave is bound to the fuck table , where the Master can take its' arse as it is doing its'deep throat cock sucking training. 


 by EasyHtml5Video.com v3.9.1

Video 07

The Owner has bound this slave and it is being machine fucked. A slaves hole should be used daily , to keep it in top condition to provide pleasure.





Video 08

I love this video as the Master has decided that he needs to train his slave to consume his shit , so , he SPOON FEEDS the slave. The slave does his best BUT he is obviously struggling with it . The Master though just ignores his slaves distress and keeps on feeding him. So great when a Master knows what is best and just carries on.


mp4 to ogv by EasyHtml5Video.com v3.9.1



Video 09

Along a similar theme , this Master has decided that his slave needs to consume his shit AND his piss , so the Master puts them in to a food blender and then funnel feeds the piss/shit smoothie in to the slaves mouth. Again , the dlave struggles with it , but the Master is persistent as He knows it is the only way that the slave will become used to this.

webm to mp4 converter by EasyHtml5Video.com v3.9.1


Video 10

I like this video as it demonstrates a perfect way to train and stretch a slaves arse hole. i have a similar set up in my own playroom which Masters have used on me. The dildo is forced up the hole and it genuinely has no place further to go. The slave has reached his limit. However , if you keep the slave in this position for about 5 minutes , his hole gets used to the size of the dildo. He relaxes. If he "pulls off" if for an inch or two , it actually straightens out the slaves insides. This actually then creates a new space for the dildo to occupy and go deeper. If you tie and impale a slave like this , over lets say , an hour , you can really get deep in to him and stretch his hole enough to be ready for your fist. You can also use this as a punishment for a slave and have him impaled for two or three hours , as you eat your dinner , watch TV , whatever. i would recommend gagging him though if it is for a considerable length of time as he WILL in loud vocal discomfort.


html5 video events by EasyHtml5Video.com v3.9.1

 Video 11

A masters goal. This Master has now claimed his slave for life and the slave is now his owned property. He BRANDS the slave , so the slave will always know that it belongs to the Master to provide its' servitude.



mp4 to ogv by EasyHtml5Video.com v3.9.1
 Video 12

An example of when a slave is not needed for work , but, a Master needs to keep an eye on them . So , the Master locks his slave in body stocks and stores it in the corner.
I OWN a set of these stocks for a Master to utilse.


mp4 to ogg converter by EasyHtml5Video.com v3.9.1



Email Me..... click button to email me so that i may submit to YOU Sir, so that you can begin my domestic and sexual servitude to You and for You to claim total ownership.

It will help if you live alone and have the facility to keep me as a chained, serving, prisoner.



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