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sissified "sissybloke" ,  seeking a position as an unpaid male maid/slave/gimp, and ownership by an Alpha Male.

Can also be chained within your business premises and used as slave labour.

Kept on a farm , enslaved, put to work , dehumanised and styed with the pigs.


You MUST live in the London UK area for regular maid visits OR , if further afield, have the means/accommodation to keep a maid chained and serving.
 Only if you live alone (or in a multi-male household) can it be your maid.

it would be able to travel, UK or abroad,  for a weekend or a weeks/months (more ?) servitude , if the situation is right and you can imprison a maid/slave.



Sir , i am here to provide a role as unpaid maid/slave/ gimp to you.  

YOU are a single male , or a male who lives in an all male household , this can be a private home or hostel (hmo) accommodation etc...

You can be straight, gay or bi , it will make no difference because what YOU NEED is household property to make your life more comfortable.  

Your potential property is honest , hardworking and trustworthy.
Payment NOT required, Your potential property just needs to perfect its’ feminine skills and hopefully , they will benefit YOU !  

Your life does not change in the sense that you still seek out female sluts and slaves, (or male), everything carries on as normal EXCEPT you will now have owned property that is taking care of your domestic needs and asks nothing in return.  

Employ it as your unpaid housemaid, enslaving it and putting it to work, making your life more pleasant and comfortable.

Your apartment can get a bit messy and REAL men don't do housework , ironing etc...

Perhaps you are recently divorced or separated, yet , you still need the place to be spotless for when you entertain the ladies in your new found status as a bachelor?

Sex with it is NOT requested or required although , as your servant , you are entirely within your right to ask for a blowjob or any other sexual favours, if you so desire. It is not expecting or demanding that though. 

All it offers is for you to take advantage of it, to put it in my nylons, suspenders and maids uniform, lock it in heels and put it to work.

Supervise its’ servitude at first , in order to build trust.
If you don't want the presence of a male face , you can even hood it and gag it – make it a rubber gimp maid , if you need to. It will purchase the outfit you choose if necessary , in order to serve You as You desire.

About Your new property ........

In the street it is in its’ jeans and t-shirt. Hidden beneath the guy clothes though it is ALWAYS wearing lingerie to remind it that it is not a real man like you.
It is a submissive sissy who needs to be taken advantage of by a stronger , "real", Alpha male.

It seeks a man who loves the notion of power over another and emasculating him.


Sir , it is now in its' late 40's, but still young at heart and active (fit).

All of its life life it had short , cropped hair BUT for the past 5 years it has had VERY long hair , down its' back as a Master decided that it had no right to appear in public as a "man" and must now portray to society that it is a "beta sissy" at all times.

Its' finger nails are long and feminine too.

It is shaved smooth from the eyebrows down.

It is not here for cybersex or fantasy .

It is REAL , it meets and serves for REAL, It is sincere so please do not waste its’ time.

Perhaps you need a maid for your workplace , your office , garage , farm, kennels etc... if you are unable to use it in your home ? Perhaps you are a male escort and could use it as “extra security” in your workplace and also to prepare and clean up after your clients ?

Your maid can provide domestic servitude for an hour or two and leave but can also provide domestic servitude for LONGER periods, if it is kept chained or roped during periods of rest , or overnight , and then put back to work.


Any potential Master/Owner must have the right to utilise his maid property in any way that he desires. 

It will not work for men who are overweight or have big beer bellies, this is only because it finds it an unappealing trait in ANY gender of person. 

"Bears" ( men who are large , look fat but are infact solid and muscular) are welcome though. 

It would prefer to work for a man over 30yrs of age ( it likes maturity) but under 59.   

As for its’ age , well , yes , it is NOT that little , young , androgynous, pretty boy who looks fuck'able BUT those pretty young boys do not hang around. As soon as a "better" offer comes along , they are GONE! 

Employ/Own it and you can STILL seek out those pretty , young things though !

You are not single ?  - No it will not come around and clean when your girlfriend or wife is out for the afternoon - this just says to me that you are just looking for sexual relief. If you are not , get HER to do your cleaning - impose proper control man ! 

No , it will not come to your hotel room whilst you are visiting London , hotels have STAFF to do cleaning , i can see you just want it for sex, goodbye.

You are 100% Top (not a switch) but you like to cross-dress yourself ?
Thats fine , I also like MASCULINE men in lingerie - just dont go all "girly" on me !

You are visiting London and want to go around to its' own home, have it dress up and serve you ? Oh for fucks sake - have you not understood a single word of this offer ? 

Finally , it lives in Central London , any new workspace for it needs to be within a reasonably short travelling time , probably up to 45 minutes, if weekly maid duty is required.  Further distance would mean that you would have to accommodate and chain it , overnight.

Its’ maturity accounts for its’ loyalty and dedication and , besides that , it looks and acts younger in person and has full stamina to carry out your duties :-)

If YOU genuinely need a maid , human property, to own and exploit , put to work, make your life easier, it is looking forward to hearing from you Sir.




Update - bisexual and gay men have been asking, if they desire it , how it can serve them sexually? 

Please click this link slave to read about how you can own me as one of your sex slaves.



Email Me..... click button to email me so that i may submit to YOU Sir, so that you can begin my domestic and sexual servitude to You and for You to claim total ownership.

Local London men only , or , further afield, you will live alone and have the ability to keep me as a chained, serving, prisoner/slave/maid.



I purchase a LOT of my lingerie and kink gear from :